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Park City, Utah
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PC ALL is a non-profit organization that has 501(c)3 status with the IRS.  We are dedicated to providing services for young adults with disabilities. We offer the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to live more meaningful lives. Through a professionally operated day program and community based activities, PC ALL offers independent living skills, social interaction, volunteering in the community,  health, recreation and leisure activities.

PC ALL is the brainchild of a group of parents of young adults with disabilities. These parents recognized the need for continued programming for their children after they reach the age of 22 when comprehensive school district services end and they are left with a patchwork of limited opportunities to realize their full potential. These parents created a vision for a day program, benchmarked on other programs they have researched and visited. 

The PC ALL Program addresses a growing need in Park City and surrounding areas to help young adults with disabilities continue to develop life skills and find their place in the community.


Leigh Beem, President​
Dana Reilly 
Shelley Smith 
Dedicated to enriching lives of young adults with special needs and abilities

Leigh Beem has a Master’s Degree in Geology and owns half of JLI, a small soil and groundwater restoration consulting company. Leigh has business experience having started JLI in 2005, extensive project management experience and is proficient in preparing detailed reports. Hours per week may be 5-15. Leigh will assist in the marketing and funding programs to build awareness of the PC ALL program with local and regional business.

Dana Reilly has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Rehabilitation Program Manager, and Case Manager in a Physical Rehabilitation. She is Owner of Reach Higher Coaching Services LLC, which includes education, job, and life coaching. Hours per week may be 5-10. Dana will assist in development of daily program schedules to further develop the participants life and job skills.

Shelley Smith has a Master’s Degree in Education and 10 years special education classroom assistance. Shelley has 20 years’ experience in retail industry customer service. Hours per week may be 5-10. Shelley will record, file, and distribute the minutes of board meetings.

At PC ALL, our program includes:

  • Day activities for adults with disabilities
  • Lifelong learning opportunities through community activities,
  • Independent living skills training and practice,
  • Recreation, sports and leisure classes and instruction,
  • Visual and performing arts participation, 
  • Activities which focus on learning and developing social skills, 
  • Vocational training through partnerships with local businesses, 
  • Opportunities to engage with the community learning how to use public transportation and other public services, going to community events, and giving back to the community through volunteering.