Park City Adult Lifelong Learning
Park City, Utah











All participants must be age 18 and older with a cognitive or developmental disability or impairment.

All participants must be ambulatory or independently mobile.

All participants must be able to be transported in a standard van.

All participants must be able to function with safety and discipline in group size of five (5) participants to one (1) program facilitator.

All participants must be able to follow the Standards of Conduct/Behavior listed below.

All participants must sign the Participation Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability form BEFORE attending PC ALL activities (LINK IS ON REGISTRATION PAGE)

All participants must sign the National Ability Center Waiver BEFORE attending PC ALL activities. 
Go to:  http://www.discovernac.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Participant-Packet-Medical-History-1.pdf


PC ALL offers activities to participants that are enjoyable and promote socialization with other participants. PC ALL requires that all participants practice respect and care with other participants, staff and PC ALL facilities. 

All participants must be willing and able to follow directions. 

Participants who require supervision for behavior/and or health monitoring must provide a qualified personal aide responsible for safety and wellness of participant. Fees for the aid will be the responsibility of the participant, parent(s) or guardian. 

All participants must not engage in profane, obscene, indecent, abusive or highly offensive language and gestures. 

All participants must not engage in fighting, making verbal threats or acts of physical or verbal intimidation or use of physical force against of any participants or staff including harassment and hazing. 

All participants must not engage in the destruction of any part of the grounds, building or property used in activities. 

All participants must not engage in any conduct or make any statements that disrupt the orderly participation in activities.

PC ALL requires the right to screen all applicants for the appropriateness of our activities to prospective participants. 

PC ALL reserves the right to send participants home if their behavior is judged to put themselves, other participants or staff at risk.

ATTENDANCE AND REGISTRATION - Note this applies only to classes not held by the NAC.  For NAC classes please contact the NAC reservations team at 435-649-3991

We appreciate it when you notify us a soon as possible when you need to cancel a class.

Participants must be registered prior to attending PC ALL classes.

Participants must sign-in upon arrival to class.

A 10% discount will be automatically applied if payment is submitted online. 

To receive a full refund for a missed class, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

To cancel send an email to: andreaT@discovernac.org AND cindybeem@gmail.com.

PC ALL will issue a full refund for any paid classes cancelled by PC ALL or the NAC.

PC ALL does not offer make-up classes.

No refunds will be given for a “no show” or cancelling less than 24 hours in advance.

Billing occurs at the end of each month and payment is due by the 10th of the following month.

PC ALL honors the NAC scholarship program. Participants utilizing the NAC scholarship program must submit the appropriate paperwork to the NAC and please send a copy to PC ALL.

LATE POLICY - Please contact the NAC reservations team at 435-649-3991 for information on the Late Policy


For the protection of staff and all other participants, anyone that has or exhibits any of the
following please refrain from participating in our programs or activities: 
• Fever           • Headache    • Sore throat 
• Nausea        • Diarrhea      • Earache 
• Congestion  • Cough          • Runny Nose

Many of our participants have compromised immune systems, and exposure to viral and/ or bacterial
infection could have serious consequences. If PC ALL determines that a participant is ill, the parent(s) or emergency contacts of that person will be notified and are responsible for pickup
within a reasonable period of time. Before returning to lessons or activities the participant must:

• Be free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without suppressants.
• Allow 24 hours since the first dose of prescribed antibiotics.
• Await the results of a throat culture or other tests are negative.


If participants are ill or have a fever, we discourage their participation. If a participant becomes ill during 
a class, a parent or guardian will be notified and asked to pick the participant. If a parent/guardian is unavailable, the emergency contacts will be called. Please follow the sickness policy before returning to activities.


PC ALL is authorized in an emergency situation to request the services of any emergency and/or
licensed medical personnel to provide any medical services or treatment and/ or hospital care required
to be rendered to participants. It is also understood that the participant or parent/guardian will be
held responsible for any expenses incurred during the medical treatment of the participant. PC ALL has the right to determine the emergency personnel or facility within reason.


Problems should be handled immediately, confidentially and directly between the parties involved
and the PC ALL Board of Directors. Parents/guardians or participants who feel that their concerns are not being addressed may contact the PC ALL Board of Directors at info@parkcitylifelonglearning.org.

PC ALL reserves the right to decide when we are unable to serve a participant due to unavailable
resource(s) and or/safety concerns for participation. This determination is made on the basis of
physical, behavioral and other limitations.